“Economic Prosperity to whole nation and alleviate poverty”


“To devote time, talent and resources to projects that will contribute to the country’s economic, social cultural development.”

Goals / Objectives

• To cooperate with the Philippine Government in the implementation of its national policies;
• To foster and encourage the development and growth of trade industries in the Philippines;
• To promote the integration of local Chinese community into the mainstream of Philippines body politic
• To correct trade abuses;
• To create and maintain higher standards in business dealings trade organizations in the Philippines, irrespective of nationality or religion;
• To compile, translate and study laws affecting its members and guide them properly in the observance of such laws;
• To cultivate, promote and enhance friendly relations between Filipinos and Chinese in general and between Filipino and Chinese merchants in particular; and
• To conduct and maintain educational, charitable and social welfare projects.


Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

“By devoting your resources to the improvement of our society, the Federation has consistently played a vital role in ushering a period of greater cooperation and understanding not only in the promotion of business and trade, but also in facing various challenges that we face as a nation.”– President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (32nd Biennial Convention of FFCCCII, 21 March 2019, SMX Convention Center Pasay City)


Presentation of Barrio School to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Since 1954, the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII) has been a strong partner of government in nation-building and development. It has channeled its efforts to unite the Chinese-Filipino community, promote the growth of business, and implement social welfare projects to bring forth progress for the whole country. The Federation’s more than 170 member organizations across the Philippines play vital roles in their respective sectors and communities. Its membership is actively engaged in trading, manufacturing, service industry, and other economic activities that help fuel the country’s engine of progress.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte confers the Order of Lakandula, Rank of Maringal na Pinuno to FFCCCII President Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong

FFCCCII is a non-stock, non-profit corporation. As the largest organization of Filipino-Chinese businesses, the Federation brings together under one roof chambers of commerce and trade associations from National Capital Region, Northeastern Luzon, Northwestern Luzon, Central Luzon, Southern Luzon, Bicol, Eastern Visayas, Cebu-Bohol, Occidental & Oriental Negros, Panay, Northern Mindanao, Southern Mindanao, and Southwestern Mindanao.

Sixteen Committees take charge of specific areas of concern, namely: External Affairs Committee, Trade and Industry Committee, Industrial Relations Committee, Tax and Business Advocacy Committee, Belt and Road Committee, Ways and Means Committee, Welfare Committee, Mediation Committee, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, Organization Committee, Education and Culture Committee, Social Responsibility Committee, Youth and Integration Committee, Media and Public Information Committee, Property Management Committee, and Science and Information Technology Committee.

Over the years, FFCCCII has undertaken a broad range of activities in keeping with its deep commitment to serve the Filipino nation.

FFCCCII join the business delegation during President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s visit to China

Promotion of entrepreneurship and business growth. The Federation actively promotes the growth of entrepreneurship by supporting projects for the development and competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises.

The Federation provides free seminars, workshops and symposia on productivity improvement and other topics to encourage the setting up of more businesses and improve company performance.

“Buy Pinoy, Save Jobs” is a movement launched by FFCCCII to promote Philippine-made products and services in order to save and create jobs; promote consumer welfare, and encourage the growth of industries.

Trade missions. FFCCCII conducts trade, investment and goodwill missions to other countries to gain market access at a business-to-business level. The Federation also forms partnerships and cooperation with chambers of commerce and business organizations overseas.

FFCCCII encourages investments in the Philippines in various fields such as agriculture, tourism, energy, information and communications technology, and other competitive industries.

FFCCCII joins the Mentor ME program of the Department of Trade and Industry & Go Negosyo as mentors to micro, small & medium enterprises

Growth through Agriculture. The Federation is supportive of efforts to modernize the Philippine agriculture and fishery sectors in order to increase productivity and global competitiveness, and ensure food security.  Many Filipinos living in the countryside depend on agriculture directly or indirectly for their source of living. Promoting agricultural growth would contribute significantly to improvement of rural life.

The country’s agriculture industry presents major investment opportunities in the following areas: rural infrastructure, food processing, transportation and distribution, financing, and biotechnology.

FFCCCII President Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong presents the rice harvested to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Agriculture Secretary William Dar and guests during the Grand Harvest Festival in Nueva Ecija province

Growth through Tourism. FFCCCII considers the tourism industry to be a top priority because the Philippines is blessed with world-class tourism destinations, and Filipinos are friendly, hospitable and speak English very well. Tourism is a lucrative investment because of the Philippines’ competitive advantage and location.

Bohol, Philippines

Growth through Energy Development.  FFCCCII encourages investments in energy and more private sector participation in energy-related projects such as alternative sources of energy like wind, solar and hydro. The development of a viable energy sector would provide stable and affordable energy supply to local industries and consumers.

Growth through ICT Services.  In the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services, the Philippines can be an active player because it has an adequate pool of executives and workers for ICT services with the right skill levels at comparative costs. Growth areas for ICT are Business Process Outsourcing, animation, call centers, software development, engineering design & medical transcription.

Tax and business advocacy. The Federation organizes public seminars on tax policies and encourages businesses to comply with tax laws.

Information about tax regulations are regularly disseminated to the public through newspaper publications, posters and printed materials.

FFCCCII officers with Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III

Industrial relations. To disseminate information on labor laws, policies and regulations, FFCCCII conducts labor-related seminars to the public and businesses for free.

The Federation also supports the annual Job Fairs conducted by the Department of Labor and Employment to match job seekers with available jobs.

“Work Appreciation Program” Symposium conducted by FFCCCII in partnership with Department of Labor and Employment

Peace and order. FFCCCII works in partnership with law enforcement agencies and the community in fighting criminality by promoting vigilance and cooperation.

The Federation has successfully mobilized its membership and the Chinese-Filipino community in various projects promoting peace and order to ensure an environment conducive to business growth.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año presents the plaque of Appreciation to FFCCCII President Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong in recognition of FFCCCII’s support to the “Search for Model PNP Families”

Overseas Chinese Service Center. An Overseas Chinese Service Center (OCSC) was established at FFCCCII to provide assistance to Chinese nationals on various matters.

Naturalization and immigration. The Federation has assisted in facilitating several applications for the naturalization of Chinese born in the Philippines pursuant to Republic Act 9139. It likewise assists Chinese nationals who have inquiry about their Alien Certificate of Registration I-card with the Bureau of Immigration.

Forum on “Proposed Laws on Alien Legal Residency Status and other relevant Immigration Laws”

Mediation. To maintain harmony in the Chinese-Filipino community and prevent costly court proceedings, the Federation mediates and settle business dispute referred by member organizations.

Chinese language education. To make Filipino students and workers globally competitive, the Federation cooperates with Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) to bring into the country volunteer trainers from China to enhance Chinese language teaching in Filipino-Chinese schools, and institutions such as Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

FFCCCII has also launched a Scholarship Program for students taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

FFCCCII officers with college scholars

Culture and Heritage. To promote cultural understanding, FFCCCII undertakes activities during historical and special events such as Chinese New Year, Filipino Heritage Festival, Philippine Independence Day, and Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day.

Youth development. Recognizing the role of the youth in nation-building, FFCCCII implements programs to promote youth entrepreneurship and camaraderie.

FFCCCII has also gone above and beyond as a business organization with its strong involvement in social development.

The Federation’s social welfare programs have advanced the well-being of the Filipino people.

Youth Council Mid-Autumn Festival celebration

“Operation: Barrio Schools.”  Since 1961, this ongoing flagship project of the Federation involves the donation of two-classroom school buildings to public schools across the country.

More than 5,800 units of school buildings, or a total of more than 11,600 classrooms, have been constructed from donations of FFCCCII officers and benevolent donors from the Filipino-Chinese community.

“Operation: Barrio Schools” turnover ceremony at Barangay San Jose, General Santos City

Special Assistance for Education (SAFE) and FFCCCII-GT Foundation “Share A Gift of Education (SAGE) III.” To provide educational assistance to a greater number of bright but underprivileged students in Filipino-Chinese schools, FFCCCII implements the SAFE scholarship program, and has also partnered with GT Foundation for the SAGE III program.

Turnover of school building to Ocampo National High School, Camarines Sur in support of Vice President Leni Robredo’s “Angat Buhay” anti-poverty program

“Libreng Gamutan” Medical and Dental Missions. Through its medical missions, FFCCCII provides medical and dental services and free medicines to indigent patients. Since the 1960s, the Federation and its local chapters have rendered these free services with the help of doctors, dentists and nurses.

Turnover of medicines and vitamins for ‘Libreng Gamutan’ Medical Mission in Catbalogan, Samar

Volunteer fire brigades. In the 1960s, the Federation initiated the establishment of volunteer fire brigades to augment government firefighting efforts.  Since then, Chinese-Filipino communities all over the country followed through and organized their own volunteer firefighting brigades.

Relief operations. In times of natural calamities and disasters, the Federation and its chapters are among the first to extend relief assistance in coordination with local government units. Food, clothing, medicines, and basic needs are delivered to calamity victims at the soonest time.

Relief Operation for flood victims in Pampanga

Donation of Rehabilitation Center buildings. In 2016, FFCCCII started a program that involves the donation of rehab center buildings to some barangays. This shows the Federation’s support to help drug surrenderees on the path to rehabilitation.

The Federation’s programs and advocacies mirror the greater participation of its members in continuing its tradition of service to the nation.

Turnover of Rehabilitation Center building to Mati, Davao Oriental


菲 華 商 聯 總 會

杜特地總統在商總於二零一九年三月廿一日假SMX會展中心舉行第卅二屆全菲代表大會擔任主講時表揚商總 “貴會在奉獻資源以改良社會狀況時,並堅持不懈地大力推展商貿,克服國家所面臨的各項挑戰,扮演著舉足輕重的角色”。












禮訪國家經濟發展署署長兼社會經濟規劃部部長Ernesto Pernia





菲華商聯總會理事長林育慶博士大力推廣種植雜交水稻,為鼓勵農民增產糧食而推出Masaganang Ani300方案,凡是公頃產量達300包(15噸)者,將被邀請到總統府受獎














大岷發展署主席林德才Danilo Lim禮訪本會


本會聯合岷市府及菲人節慶署假Lucky Chinatown Mall慶菲遺產文化月推出 “岷侖洛的八連” 文藝演出




舉辦2019年 “文化中國·水立方杯” 海外華人中文歌曲成年組大賽



本會聯合福建省檔案局在樓下展廳舉行 “僑批檔案圖片展”





農村校舍 1961年以來,此項持續至今的旗艦項目,旨在捐建兩課室的校舍,給全國各地的公立學校。商總及菲華社會的熱心人士,多年來捐贈了超過5,800多座農村校舍,或超過11,600間課室。

華校學生流失補助金(SAFE)及商總鄭少堅基金會特別資助獎學金 (Share A Gift of Education III)為了提供獎助學金給華校貧苦的優秀學生,商總推出華校學生流失補助金,同時配合鄭少堅基金會推出“人才培養洎特別資助獎學金”項目。