FFCCCII officers attended the celebration of 72nd founding anniversary of Bureau of Immigration.

Sept. 11, 2012, 1:30 pm, Bureau of Immigration, Intramuros, Manila

1st photo shows His Excellency, President Benigo S. Aquino III, the guest of honor and speaker.

2nd photo shows FFCCCII officers with DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima (3rd from left) and NBI Director Nonnatus Caesar Rojas(extreme left). Extreme right is Victor Lim 2nd from left is Alex Yap Choty, 2nd from right is Dr. Fernando Gan, 3rd from right is George Chua Cham.

FFCCCII officers with Immigration Top Official: Commissioner Ricardo A. David, Jr, (3rd from left), Associate Commissioner Siegfred Mison (2nd from left), Executive Director Eric Dimaculangan (3rd from right). FFCCCII officers from left is Chairman of External Affairs Committee, Mr. Victor Lim, 4th from left is Vice President, Mr. Alex Yap Choty, extreme right is Secretary General Dr. Fernando Gan, and 2nd from right is Chairman of Education Committee, Mr. George Chua Cham.

4th photo shows FFCCCII officers with Atty. Persida Acosta, Chief, Office of Public Attorney’s Office (2nd from left) and DOJ Usec. Francisco Baraan III (3rd from right).

5th photo shows FFCCCII officers with BI Associate Commissioner Abdullah Mangotara.